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Free Download: PAPA’s Effervescent ‘I Am The Lion King’

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Click to listen to PAPA's 'I Am The Lion King'

California group PAPA is the brainchild of Girls' drummer Darren
Weiss and his friend from childhood, bassist Danny Presant. The first
single off PAPA's new EP A Good Woman Is Hard To Find is the
bright and twinkling "I Am The Lion King," which Weiss explains was
inspired by his time living in New York. "This was written while we were
living in New York, and I don't think I could have written it anywhere
else," Weiss tells Rolling Stone about the track, which infuses
pop hooks with soulful grooves. "Being a young man in that city is like
being a stick of dynamic at a gasoline party - it's stinky, strange,
explosive and wonderful. It's enough to make anyone feel like the lion

PAPA's A Good Woman Is Hard To Find is available now, but you can download "I Am The Lion King" for free here.


Photo courtesy Hit City U.S.A / Psychedelic Judaism

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