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Kevin Richardson Rejoins Backstreet Boys

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Singer Kevin Richardson has announced
that he will return to the Backstreet Boys this winter
after a lengthy hiatus from the group. Richardson, who left the band in 2006,
will reunite with the rest of the Backstreet Boys at a special concert in the
Bahamas as part of their second annual SS Backstreet cruise.

In an interview
with Ryan Seacrest
yesterday, Richardson suggested that he may stick around
for more shows in the future. "I would never say that it would never happen,"
says Richardson. "I would love to perform with them again on a more regular
basis. Our chemistry when we come together just feels like old times."

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Though Richardson's involvement in future Backstreet Boys tours
remains up in the air, the other four members of the group are slated to perform
on a European leg of their NKOTBSB tour with New Kids on the Block in the


Photo by Graeme Flegenheimer/FilmMagic

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