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Lady Gaga Producer Sued By Songwriters

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Los Angeles pop duo Purple Crush are suing Lady Gaga producer Rob Fusari, claiming that he owes them money for production work for Gaga's album Born This Way.
Though their work did not make the final record, the band say that they
spent hundreds of hours working in the studio with Fusari and his
clients without compensation. Purple Crush also claim that the producer
promised to get them a record deal, though he never did.

The duo,
Isla Cheadle and Jared Selter, offered Fusari a $10,000 settlement in
April, but he refused. He responded with a $15,500 lawsuit, which the
group intends to counter, though they do not have a lawyer.

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Fusari himself ultimately received no credit on Born This Way.
His relationship with Lady Gaga is somewhat strained, as they settled a
legal disagreement over song credits and royalties last year. Fusari,
an ex-boyfriend of the singer, came up with her stage name, and he
co-wrote much of her first album, including the smash hit "Paparazzi."


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