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Lil Wayne Released From Jail After Delay

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After eight months, a dozen-odd posts on his blog and two guards being penalized for hanging out with him, Lil Wayne was released from Rikers Island Thursday morning. A prison guard told MTV Newsearly Thursday that Wayne would not be released until "probably"Friday, saying that his expected release on Thursday had been"miscalculated." But a Rikers spokesperson confirmed at around 8:35a.m. ET that Wayne had indeed been released.

Lil Wayne: A History in Photos

The confusion over Wayne's release was par for the course: Thebeginning of his sentence was delayed twice, once so that he couldundergo dental surgery, and then because of a fire at the New Yorkcourthouse where he was to be sentenced. The rapper finally began histerm on March 8, after pleading guilty to a July 2007 gun-possession charge.

Timeline: The Criminal History of Lil Wayne

Young Money President Mack Maine told MTV Newson Wednesday that Wayne plans to celebrate his freedom with a party ata Miami strip club on Sunday. "[We] just treat him like a king, likethe royalty that he is and make him feel like we really missed him andwelcome him back to the family, basically."

Lil Wayne Released From Prison [MTV News]

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