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Morrissey Granted Libel Trial vs. NME

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Morrissey has
been granted
a trial
in his libel
suit against the NME
, who he claims defamed his character by running an
interview in 2007 that portrayed him as racist and xenophobic.

in my judgment a proper balance between the Article 10 right of freedom of
expression of [NME magazine] and Mr. Morrissey's right to the protection of his
individual reputation requires, in the circumstances of this case, that the
action be permitted to proceed," wrote Britain's most senior libel judge, Mr.
Justice Tugendhat, in an official statement.

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The high court trial
for the case is expected to begin sometime in 2012. This will be the first libel
trial before jury in the United Kingdom in over two years, in part because such
cases tend to be complex, expensive and long.


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