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MP3 Download: The Hours’ Optimistic Track ‘I Want More’

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Click to listen to The Hours' 'I Want More'

British rock band The Hours is hitting the road in North America to support their upcoming EP release, I Want More,
on November 11th. The upbeat track, which starts off with a twinkling
and siren-filled introduction, is optimistic and hopeful. Frontman
Antony Genn tells Rolling Stone, "'I Want More' is a song about
wanting more from this short life we live on planet Earth! It's about
wanting more than perhaps we were told we are allowed."

"I want more than just to exist for the brief time I have here on
this mortal coil," Genn explains the inspiration behind the track. "I'm
made of flesh and blood and bones and water like every other human being
that ever walked this planet... so why shouldn't I be able to
experience the best?"

The I Want More EP will be released on November 11th, but you can download the title track "I Want More" for free here.


Photo by Billie Scheepers

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