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Radiohead Deny Free Show at Wall Street Protests

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have shot down rumors that they were planning to perform at the Occupy
Wall Street protests in Manhattan this afternoon. According to a tweet from the Wall Street Journal, the band's spokesperson has told them that "we can officially say it's not happening."

According to the Occupy Wall Street site,
the band were set to perform at Liberty Plaza at 4 p.m. this afternoon.
As of yet it is unclear whether the band is backing out of actual
plans, or if this was only wishful thinking on the part of protesters
and fans shut out of the band's two sold-out performances at the Roseland Ballroom
earlier this week. It's possible the group had intended to play in
support of the loosely organized protest against the excesses of the
financial industry, but canceled out of concern that they would be held
liable if crowds got out of hand and people were injured.


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