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Roger Waters Bringing the Wall Tour to American Baseball Stadiums

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Roger Waters is making plans to bring his highly successful Wall tour
back to America in 2012. The show will hit venues he missed the first
time around - as well as baseball stadiums in  a few big cities. "There
are quite a few markets we didn't cover last time, like Austin," he says
in an interview for the new issue of Rolling Stone, on stands and available through Rolling Stone
All Access on September 30th. "But we want to base the tour around
Saturday nights in baseball stadiums. As we speak, I'm at my office
working on an outdoor version of the show."

Pink Floyd played live versions of The Wall in 1980 and
1981, and Waters spent the last year reviving it - but it's always been
an indoor show. "We're going to be projecting over 140 yards," he says.
"So now it's going to be 1,500 pixels wide. We've done light tests and
Fenway Park and Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium just to see what the
ambient light is like. And it's fine. It works. We've taken part of the
Wall and the projectors into those three places."

Photos: Roger Waters Rehearses For the Wall Tour

When the American tour ends next summer, Waters will have been on the
road for nearly two years. "They're trying to get me back to Europe
next year," says Waters. "But I think I'll be completely cooked by the
end of July next year."

This may be Waters' last big tour. "I'm not sure I want to go out and
do the greatest hits again," he says. "Which just sucks. What I love to
do is theater in a rock & roll context. I think if I did any more
in the future, it might well be smaller." 


Photo by Stefan M. Prager/Redferns

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