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2009 Reunion--Full Circle

In April, Creed's website officially announces that the band will reunite, tour, and record a new album. All members, including Brian Marshall, will be involved. Stapp refers to the reunion as a "rebirth" in the press--and the title of the new album is confirmed as Full Circle.

2007 Alter Bridge and Stapp continue on

Alter Bridge releases its second album, while Stapp is reported to be working on his second solo album. Rumors of a Creed reunion are dismissed by the band, but begin to circulate again starting in 2008.


2004 Breakup

In summer of 2004, Creed officially announced their breakup. Scott Stapp uses the time to contribute to an album of songs inspired by Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion Of The Christ," as well record his first solo album, which he releases in 2005. Meanwhile the other members of the band (including former bassist Marshall) form a new band called Alter Bridge and release their debut album prior to Stapp's solo effort. A Creed greatest-hits album is released late in the year.


Marshall's departure was handled by Mark Tremonti filling on bass duties for the recording of the third album. Tremendous momentum continued with this release, which like its predecessor entered the charts at No. 1. It remained on top for a multiple-week run, breaking records.

1999 Human Clay

Creed's sophomore release became an even bigger success than its debut--it contains the definitive hits "Higher" and "with Arms Wide Open," the latter of which won a Grammy for Best Rock Song. It debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard albums chart, and more than 11 million copies were sold.  This is the final album to feature Brian Marshall on bass--he left the band shortly after touring for the album in 2000.

1997 My Own Prison

Creed's debut record was independently released and distributed to local radio. Several record labels showed interest in the band, with independent label Wind-Up Records eventually signing them and re-releasing the debut under the Wind-Up name. The album became a great success, spawning several charting singles and eventually selling six million copies.

1994 Creed forms in Florida

College friends Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti decide to start a band and recruit Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips to round out their lineup. After several name changes, the group decides on the simple name "Creed," and begins writing music in earnest.

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