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2010 Euphoria

Spanish pop singer Enrique Iglesias is back with his ninth studio album, Euphoria, released on July 6. This album marks the first time the singer has released a truly bilingual album (previous albums only included Spanish versions of English songs). The album features Akon, Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls, Juan Luis Guerra on "Cuando Me Enamoro" and Pitbull on "I Like It." See all of his videos including his two newest in this career-spanning retrospective.

2007 Insomniac

The fourth English-language album from Iglesias surfaced in 2007, Insomniac, including the single "Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)" and "Push" featuring Lil Wayne.

2003 7 and Quizas

The English album simply titled 7 released in 2003 hot on the heels of the Spanish-language ballad album Quizas released in 2002.

2001 Escape

Escape released in October of 2001 and included the defining singles "Escape" and "Hero."  

1999 Enrique

The self-titled, English-language debut, Enrique, released in 1999 was his first with Interscope. It achieved gold or platinum status in 32 countries and brought his global album sales to a total of more than 23 million.

1998 Cosas del Amor

With 1998's Cosas del Amor, Iglesias began writing more mature content--his earlier material had all been written when he was only 17 years old. The album topped both the Latin Albums and Latin Pop Charts.

1997 Vivir

Iglesias's second album, Vivir, enjoyed global sales of more than five million discs and launched his first world tour. In a mere three years, Iglesias had sold more than 17 million Spanish-language albums as well as winning the 1996 Grammy for Best Latin Performer, 1996's Billboard Artist of the Year, Billboard's Album of the Year, two American Music Awards, a World Music Award, eight Premio Lo Nuestro awards, two ACE Performer of the Year awards, and ASCAP prizes for Best Composer of 1996 and 1997 among other awards throughout the world.

1995 Debut

Iglesias's self-titled debut sold more than a million copies in three months (it earned him his first gold record in Portugal in a mere seven days) and to date has sold more than six million worldwide.

1975 Beginnings

Son of Multi-million-selling singer Julio Iglesias, Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born on May 8, 1975 in Madrid, Spain, where he lived with his mother and siblings. In 1982, his mother sent them to live in Miami with their father where Enrique was exposed to Hispanic, European, and American music and culture. His career began while attending Gulliver Private School, making his singing debut in a production of Hello, Dolly. After a year studying business at the University of Miami, he decided to follow his passion for music under the stage name Enrique Martinez to differentiate from his famous father. It wasn't until he earned a record deal with Fonovisa in 1995 that Enrique told his parents about his aspirations.

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