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2011 LOVE?

The multi-platinum pop singer, actress, entrepreneur, and new American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez released her new album entitled Love? this month. You can keep with up all the latest Idol action in our Reality Rocks blog. Check out Jennifer's brand-new video for "On The Floor" featuring Pitbull , and see more videos from her illustrious career! To Purchase Love?:
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2009 Fresh Out The Oven

"Fresh Out the Oven" is a song by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull. The song was released in anticipation of Lopez's upcoming seventh studio Love? It surfaced online in October 2009 and was promoted to clubs by Epic Records. Although it was never officially released for purchase, a music video was produced and was released to promote the song. The song reached number one on the U.S. Dance Club Charts.



2007 Brave

Brave is a dance album filled with bright beats and happy hooks. It's tempered with happiness, reflecting that she's perfectly content with where she's at now.



2007 Como Ama una Mujer

Marriage can change a person, and it sure seems to have changed Jennifer Lopez. Ever since she tied the knot with salsa superstar Marc Anthony, Lopez has quietly receded from the tabloids, retiring her J-Lo appellation in the process, and turning toward the same Latin audience that is Anthony's constituency. In the summer of 2007, she released her first all-Spanish album, Como Ama una Mujer. It's is a slick, ballad-heavy affair that pointedly avoids any current trends either among Latin record-buyers or crossover artists, along with pointedly avoiding the intoxicating, glittery dance-pop of her English-language releases.



2005 Rebirth

Rebirth is a straight-ahead dance album. Since it doesn't deviate from the blueprint she's followed on her first three albums, it's hard to call this record a literal creative rebirth, but song for song, Rebirth was hailed to have more energy and better hooks than her other albums.



2002 This Is Me... Then

On her thrid album, the glitzy dance-pop has been phased out in exchange for a stronger urban soul vibe, lush surfaces and sexy grooves. On the hit single "Jenny From the Block," Lopez sings that success hasn't spoiled her yet and she's the same ol' Jen she's always been.



2001 J. Lo

On the 6 was big enough of a success to raise expectations for its sequel, J-Lo, the first self-styled blockbuster of 2001.



1999 On the 6

Jennifer Lopez's debut album, On the 6, showcases the actress' sultry, versatile voice in a number of settings, including pop ballads, Latin pop, and R&B. It's a perfectly polished and varied album, which features a musical blend Lopez calls "Latin soul." Smooth ballads such as "No Me Ames," a duet with Latin superstar Marc Anthony, dominate the album's first half. The second half capitalizes on a spicy, upbeat side, with songs such as "Waiting for Tonight" and "If You Had My Love."





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