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2007 Rock N Roll Jesus--First No. 1 Album

This release became Kid Rock's first album to go number 1 in his career. On this album, Kid Rock branches out from rap into other genres, including another foray into the country world. The uptempo Southern-rock hit "All Summer Long" gave him his first top 10 hit on the Country charts. He is nominated for two Grammys for this record.


2006 Kid And Pam Get Hitched--And Unhitched

During an upswing in their on-again, off-again romance, the couple threw a surprise wedding following rumors that Anderson was pregnant. The ceremony took place on a yacht near St. Tropez (two additional ceremonies--one in Beverly Hills, one in Nashville--followed). Five months later, the couple divorced.

2006 Live Trucker

This live release features Kid Rock's greatest hits from shows circa 2000-2004. Highlights include a duet with country star Gretchen Wilson, plus the late Joe C.'s last two performances on stage ("Devil Without a Cause" and "Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp").

2004 Ups & Downs

Kid Rock faced some controversy this year: When performing at halftime for Super Bowl XXXVIII, his choice of garment--an American flag worn as a poncho--sparked criticism from veterans (although, this was considerably overshadowed by Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction" at the same show). The following month proved more positive, as Kid inducted Bob Seger into the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame.

2003 Kid Rock--Critically Acclaimed

Kid Rock's eponymous album won strong praise from critics--Rolling Stone named it one of the 50 Greatest Albums of 2003.


2002 Exit Uncle Kracker

Twisted Brown Trucker member Uncle Kracker leaves the band to pursue a solo career. Meanwhile, Kid appears in his second movie, Biker Boyz.

2001 Cocky--Enter Pam Anderson

This year marks the start of the tabloid-adored romance between actress Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. They would announce their engagement in 2002, but call it off shortly later. In November, Kid releases Cocky, featuring a country-flavored duet with Sheryl Crow. The album goes five times platinum. He also appears in his first acting role, in the movie Joe Dirt.


2000The History Of Rock--Climbing Higher

Regaining the rights to some of his indie-label material, Kid Rock releases this compilation of older songs, with several new tunes (including the hit "American Bad Ass") added. He performs on Saturday Night Live. On a sad note, Twisted Brown Trucker member Joe C. dies from Celiac Disease later in the year.

1998Devil Without A Cause--Breakthrough Time

Kid's efforts led to a deal with major label Atlantic Records, followed by a spot on the Vans Warped Tour and massive exposure on MTV. This is considered his breakthrough record, and is certified Diamond for sales of more than 10 milllion copies. Kid Rock was nominated for Best New Artist in 2000, but lost to Christina Aguilera.



1996Early Morning Stoned Pimp--Rockin' On His Terms

Kid Rock's first release on his own label sealed him as a bona-fide local star in Detroit. This drove him to start pushing for major-label attention and a larger audience.

1994On His Own

Left again without a record label, Kid Rock starts his own, Top Dog Records. He also forms his backup band, Twisted Brown Trucker. Working as a music-studio janitor to make ends meet, he records material in his spare time and releases demos from other Detroit-area up-and-coming musicians.

1993The Polyfuze Method and Fire It Up EP

These two releases were both put out on indie Continuum Records and are out of print. The EP included an early version of Kid Rock's 1998 single "I Am The BullGod." The label went bankrupt the following year. 


1990Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast--first major-label release

Kid Rock's official debut, released on Jive Records, featured lewd lyrical matter (a college radio station was fined by the FCC for playing an uncensored version of raunchy single "Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley") and was largely overlooked by the label. He would be dropped by Jive shortly after. This is his only release in the iTunes catalog--his personal boycott of the music service has kept out all of his other records, but he does not own the rights to this album.

1971Robert James Ritchie is born

The man that would eventually be known to the world as "Kid Rock" started his days on a farm in Romeo, Michigan. The young entertainer started his musical career with a hip-hop fascination, learning to breakdance and work turntables, and later DJing for local clubs. He was given his stage name, Kid Rock, as clubgoers noted they liked watching "the white kid rock."

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