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From St. Louis novelty to Billboard charts #1, Nelly has produced a highly successful array of albums since 2000. Here's a tribute to his ambitious career.


2010- 5.0

Nelly's sixth studio album, released November 12, 2010. The new album includes singles "Just A Dream" and "Move That Body".


Just A Dream

Move That Body


2008- Brass Knuckles

 The fifth studio album, released September 2008, featuring Nelly's sweaty and chiseled figure on the cover.

Party People

Body On Me

One And Only

Stepped On My J'z


2004-Sweat and Suit

Nelly's third and fourth albums, Sweat and Suit, respectively, were released the same year. Why two albums in one year, you ask? Sweat is where Nelly laid down his hip-hop lines, while Suit took a more laid-back, R&B approach. Ultimately, Suit grew far more in popularity, breaking through 3,000,000 sales in the U.S. (3x Platinum) and reaching Billboard #1 album for the third time, although the Platinum status of Sweat was not exactly what you would call a flop... The two albums were combined in a compilation called Sweatsuit.

Over and Over (Suit)

My Place (Suit)


Na-NaNa-Na (Sweat)

Tilt Ya Head Back (Sweat)


2005- Sweatsuit [Compilation]

This album contained the tracks from both Sweat and Suit, with additional tracks from international album versions and music from the movie The Longest Yard.


Flap Your Wings


2002- Nellyville

Nelly attained international multi-platinum status for the second time...need we say more?

Hot In Herre


2000- Country Grammar

 In Summer 2000, Nelly debuted as a solo artist with Country Grammar. The album went at least Platinum in many, if not most, if the major markets (9x Platinum in the U.S. alone). It features that self-titled track that made Nelly a household name.


Country Grammar

Ride Wit Me


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