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2009 Backspacer

Pearl Jam premieres its new music video for "The Fixer" in anticipation of its highly anticipated ninth studio release, Backspacer.



2006 Pearl Jam

The band's eighth studio album, the self-titled Pearl Jam, was released in early May 2006. Several critics acknowledged the record as a return to the band's earlier sound. "World Wide Suicide", a song criticizing the Iraq War and U.S. foreign policy, was released as a single and topped the Billboard Modern Rock chart.





2004 Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003

Rearview Mirror was released as a two-disc compilation of classsic tracks and rarities. The compilation debuted at #16 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 96,000 copies in its first week. It was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.







2002 Riot Act

Pearl Jam took a year-long break following a full-scale tour in support of their previous record, Binaural. They reconvened in 2002 to commence work on a new album that was to become Riot Act. On Riot Act, the band took a new approach by incorporating many influences from the folk, art rock, and experimental music genres.





2000 Binaural

The music on Pearl Jam's Binaural utilized binaural recording techniques, giving way to a more experimental sound for the band. Binaural debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200.

1998 Yield

While their sizable fan base embraced the album sending it to #2 its first week of release, Yield quickly slipped down the charts. Pearl Jam supported the record with a full-scale arena tour in the summer of 1998 and issued the concert LP Live on Two Legs at the end of the year. Jack Irons did not participate due to poor health, and was replaced by ex-Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron.



1996 No Code

In late summer of 1996, Pearl Jam released their fourth album, No Code. Although the album was greeted with fairly positive reviews and debuted at #1, its amalgam of rock, worldbeat, and experimentalism dissatisfied a large portion of their fan base and it quickly fell down the charts. The record's performance was also hurt by Pearl Jam's inability to launch a full-scale tour, due both to their battle with Ticketmaster and a reluctance to spend months on the road. The band spent most of 1997 out of the spotlight, working on new material.

1994 Vitalogy

Vitalogy, the band's third album, appeared at the end of 1994. For the first two weeks, the album was only available as a limited vinyl release but charted in the Top 60. Once Vitalogy was available on CD and cassette, the album shot to the top of the charts and quickly went multi-platinum. Pearl Jam continued to battle Ticketmaster in 1995, but the Justice Department eventually ruled in favor of the ticket agency.



1993 Vs.

Despite their status as rock & roll superstars, the band refused to succumb to the accepted conventions of the music industry. The group refused to release any videos or singles from their second album, 1993's Vs. Nevertheless, it was another multi-platinum success, debuting at #1 and selling nearly a million copies in its first week of release. On their spring 1994 American tour, the band decided not to play the conventional stadiums - choosing to play smaller arenas, including several shows on college campuses. They cancelled their 1994 summer tour, claiming they could not keep ticket prices below 20 dollars because Ticketmaster was pressuring promoters to charge a higher price. The band took Ticketmaster to the Justice Department for unfair business practices. While fighting Ticketmaster, they recorded a new album during the spring and summer of 1994.

1991 Ten

Pearl Jam rose from the ashes of Mother Love Bone to become one of the most popular American rock & roll bands of the '90s. Thanks to future Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons, the band's first demo found its way to a 25-year-old San Diego surfer named Eddie Vedder who overdubbed his vocals alongside original lyrics. He was subsequently invited to join the band. Renaming themselves Pearl Jam, the band recorded their debut album, Ten, in the beginning of 1991.







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