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Big Kenny Talks About Positive New Album

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By now, you've probably at least heard about the new music released by Big Kenny--who is, of course, one-half of our favorite Muzikmafia duo Big & Rich.

Both BK and his musical partner John Rich put out solo albums this year, but where John's led off with the politically barbed "Shuttin' Detroit Down," BK's effort was ushered in with the single "Long After I'm Gone"--a sweet, positive tune about leaving love as a legacy; one that couldn't be further away, subject-wise, from automotive industry woes and Wall Street bailouts.

The rest of BK's album, The Quiet Times Of A Rock And Roll Farm Boy, follows in the same happy vein, with sincere good vibes and an almost audible smile behind every tune. It's definitely the record to listen to this season if you're worn out from negativity (who isn't, lately, these days?)--and hey, it's a perfect Thanksgiving soundtrack! (That is, if your guests like country music. And if they don't, just call 'em turkeys!)

BK sat down to chat with Yahoo! Music about the new record, and he told us the meaning and inspiration behind just about every track. He's just as talkative in person as you'd imagine he'd be, so we cut his interview into two parts. Here's part one, in which he goes over the new album in detail. I'll post part two for you tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!

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