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Just wanted to update everyone, and clarify this week's big Dixie Chicks story--Emily Robison and Martie Maguire are definitely a duo, but not making music under the moniker "the Dixie Chicks." In fact, they've announced their official new name, and have given some further details about the project.

According to Rolling Stone, the sister duo will release their music under the name the Court Yard Hounds (which is apparently a literary reference to the novel City Of Thieves). The album, which is set for a May release, was recorded at Maguire's home studio, and will feature Robison on lead vocals. Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers is reported to make a guest appearance on the album, as well.

Sound good? It does to me. I'll come out with my opinion that I think it's going to be yummy stuff, indeed. The Chick sisters are phenomenally talented musicians, and I think it's going to be a real treat experiencing Emily taking the lead. Not to mention adding Jakob's mellowed-out vocals to the mix for one of the tunes. I'm hoping the record goes in an all-out rootsy, bluegrass direction and bypasses all attempts at commercial pop. Let's see what we get.

Can't wait to find out? You can see the duo perform at the annual South By Southwest conference, which takes place this March in Austin, Texas.

Also, I will add with emphasis: Both sisters stated that Natalie Maines is NOT out of the picture. The Dixie Chicks are still the Dixie Chicks as we know them, although Maines will not appear on the Court Yard Hounds project.

I was a little surprised at the amount of emotion this week's previous entry on the Dixie Chicks aroused in all of you guys. And, I was equally surprised to note that you were pretty evenly split down the middle--half pro-Maines, half-shut-up-and-sing. With both sides evenly fired up.

Dare I ask again what your opinion is now, with this breaking news that the Dixie Chicks are definitely still a unit, just remaining on trio-hiatus?

Give it to me; I'm all ears.  

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