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First off the bat, let me acknowledge the irony of this blog entry. I fully realize I'm just prolonging this story even further by writing more about it.

But come on, folks--enough is enough. Let's never bring up Kanye West in Taylor Swift's presence again. Okay?

I was struck by reading various news accounts of Taylor putting an abrupt end to a radio interview after asking the host several times to please get off the topic of the VMA debacle.

"I would like to move on...I really would appreciate it if we could talk about something else," she told the MJ Morning Show on 93.3 in Tampa Bay. "Because I've asked you three times now, and I'm trying to be nice about it. It just isn't something we need to spend this whole interview talking about."

MJ replied by offering to give Taylor a few tips; namely, informing her that discussing Kanye "is good for your career." He then told her that every radio station she interviewed with that day "would ask the same stuff."

Taylor's publicist interjected at this point, requesting that MJ discuss something else immediately.

But it was too late. Taylor had walked away from the interview. Reportedly, she is refusing to talk about the subject any more.

(You can listen to the entire interview here, if you'd like to hear it for yourself.)

Taylor Swift is a very nice person--I speak as someone who's hung out with her in person several times over the past few years. She is extraordinarily poised for her age, a gracious conversationalist, and the type of superstar who will remember a face from the early days. In short, she's a great girl, and Kanye's blustery moment at the VMAs was not and will not define the pinnacle of her career.

So, again, forgive my irony in discussing this very subject, but I am publicly asking everyone to let the gal off the hook, already.

There's no shortage of things to discuss about Taylor. She was making news way before Kanye West had any idea who she was. Things are continuing to buzz even after the VMAs. Ask her about being in People's Best Dressed issue, on the stands right now. Ask her about Taylor Lautner, her hottie costar in the upcoming flick Valentine's Day. Ask her what kind of shoes she's wearing, for cripes' sake. She always has cool boots on.

Let's just put a moratorium on the Kanye thing. Okay? It's getting old. It was crazy when it happened; we all gasped; it fueled a lot of discussion. To continue going on and on about it is disrespectful to a star who already had an enormous musical and pop-culture presence beforehand.


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