LeAnn Rimes: Gettin’ Jizzy Wit It

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LeAnn Rimes sure has come a long way from the cute, snub-nosed little preteen girl who wore iffy fashion choices and sang "Blue" like she really knew what blue meant. And we're not just talking posing for the cover of Shape half nekkid (note: this is said admiringly; the yoga or whatever she does sure works) and fending off rumors of extramarital affairs.

Now she's up on the MTV Movie Awards stage singing a showtuney version of Andy Samberg's goof-off "Jizz In My Pants." (For those clean-minded folks out there, this is the Saturday Night Live comedian also responsible for such gems as "Dick In A Box," et al.) And LeAnn performed it flawlessly in that voice of hers, sexy older man Chris Isaak at her side. Woo hoo!

Public reaction? A huge roll of guffaws on Twitter, and probably more commentary on her dress (a vampy black full-length drawing mixed reviews) than anything.

Part of the reason LeAnn's rendition of the tune was so funny is simply because, well, she's a country gal--and country gals don't do these sorts of things. They perform for George W. and are generally good family entertainment. Personal scandals are excused, for the most part, but public appearances should remain pristine and free of, well, jizz.

We appreciated the humor of the moment, but some people out there seem to think LeAnn cheapened her image a bit.  Ah, hey, lighten up, folks. Give a giggle, and buy your kids a Miley Cyrus album.

At any rate, we found LeAnn's scandalous moment in better taste than the Sasha Baron Cohen/Eminem incident that night.

But at any rate--I'll leave it up to you, loyal country fans. Watch the performance and tell us what you think. If you want to admit it's kinda funny, we're on your side.

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