Of Course Taylor Was Able To Do It

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Let's officially close the week with a big Ha.

Ha, ha, ha.

Yes, that would be to all the folks who claimed Taylor Swift's career was radically boosted by the 2009 VMAs--that she should be "thankful" for a certain-other star's behavior toward her, and all that brouhaha. 

She just made musical history--on her own--and, I'll add, yet again (we'll go over the full stats in a minute, I promise). This week, Taylor became the first artist ever to score two No. 1 records at Top 40 radio with a country crossover recording. ("You Belong With Me.")

Now, some may say that of course Taylor was able to do this--wasn't everyone talking about her ad nauseam for the past two weeks, and solely because of the VMAs?

Well, let's stack up a few stats, as promised, and then decide for yourself.

Taylor's first No. 1 crossover hit on the Top 40 chart was "Love Story." It was the first country crossover No. 1 in history. She beat the previous record of No. 2--held by someone you might have heard of, Shania Twain, singing a song you probably never want to hear at another wedding again in your life, "You're Still The One."

She was the biggest-selling artist of 2008 in any genre.

She was the first artist in the history of SoundScan to have two different albums in the Top 10 year-end album chart. In other words, her entire musical output to date has hit the upper reaches and remained there.

I'll remind everyone that her debut album came out in 2006--a mere three years ago. She reached this level of success in less time than the average student spends in high school. And, at the age of a high-school student herself.

Let's throw in here that she's managed to sell 10 million records in that rather short amount of time, too.

Her 2008 release, Fearless, spent more time at No. 1 than any other album since 2000.

Fearless has spent more weeks in the No. 1 position atop Billboard's Top 200 all-genre CD sales chart than any other album this decade.

Taylor currently holds Billboard's all-genre record for most Top 20 debuts in a calendar year.

She is the most-searched music artist on MySpace.

She is listed on Forbes's 2009 "Celebrity 100," a list that ranks the world's most powerful celebrities and includes Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Britney Spears, Beyonce, and Coldplay. (FWIW--it does also include Kanye West.)

I'd say that's probably enough for right now. And no detective sleuthing, here: All of this stuff is easily found--most of it right in the news section of her official website.

And she just made history again.

Of course Taylor was able to do it.  

Right? Wink.

As for me, I'll quit writing about her when she quits making news. Prepare to hear more in the future...you can bet on that.

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