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Randy Travis Doing OK After Unexpected Onstage Collapse In Texas

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Randy Travis gave a roomful of doctors an unexpected scare on Sunday when the singer--who was playing a benefit show for a Texas medical center--fainted in the middle of a song.

Travis, who is 52, was attended to immediately by two doctors in the audience (not to be flippant, but it sure was a fortunate place to have a medical emergency, right?) and was able to walk offstage by himself. His doctors later issued a statement saying that Travis passed out due to dehydration, combined with effects from allergy medicine, caffeine usage, and the heat of the stage lights.

Travis was taking over-the-counter medication to alleviate larynigitis caused by his chronic allergies. After an examination on his tour bus, he was sent home and told to take it easy for a bit.

"Mr. Travis's vital signs were all stable," noted the doctors who evaluated him.

Travis's record label, Warner Music Nashville, is also advising that he's doing fine and should be able to continue his current tour, which is in celebration of his 25th anniversary in the music biz. His next tour stop is in Bristol, Tennessee on October 1. You can keep up with the rest of his schedule here.

It sounds like everything is okay, but hope you're feeling better and getting some rest, Randy! Be sure to leave your well-wishes for him here.

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