Taylor Swift Welcomes Famous Friend On Stage In L.A.

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Guess who decided to make a surprise appearance at Taylor Swift's gig in Los Angeles Tuesday night? None other than her good friend (and fellow teen heartthrob) Justin Bieber!

After introducing to the crowd "My friend Justin," Swift stepped back and let Bieber take the spotlight for a few minutes before joining him for for a rendition of his hit "Baby." The playful routine included accompaniment by a troupe of backup dancers and was a huge hit with the audience--Bieber and Swift just look too natural together, don't they?

Swift previously covered Bieber's "Baby" at her July show in Toronto, in homage to her Ontario-born friend. As fans know, she's been performing covers of hometown musicians in each city she visits. For her first date in Los Angeles (she's playing four nights in town), Swift chose to honor both classic and modern Southern Californian legends--she sang "God Only Knows" by Hawthorne's Beach Boys, and "The Sweet Escape" by Anaheim's Gwen Stefani.

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