Tim McGraw Busts His Foot, But The Show Must Go On

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Fans at Tim McGraw's live shows this weekend were no doubt a little taken aback to see their favorite singer moving, well, a little slower than usual. Not only that, but needing a cane to get around!

No, McGraw hasn't suddenly felt any sort of accelerated aging effects (he's only 44, after all). Turns out he broke his foot. But, pshaw, a little thing like that didn't stop him none--the superstar peformed in a cast and corrective boot Friday night in Raleigh, did it again in Virginia Beach Saturday, and apparently has no intentions of taking any time off his current Emotional Traffic tour.

Photos of the injury can be seen on McGraw's Facebook fan page, which also noted the following: "Tim wants to thank his fans for their support at his show in Raleigh last night. For the first time in his career, he performed in a cast...and experienced a momentary pacing setback."

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Another post noted, "FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, car wrecks, bar fights, bullridin'...and this is the first broken bone I've ever had!"

Ouch. There's no official word yet on how McGraw managed to bust his foot (except I suppose we can surmise sports, cars, or brawls aren't the cause). I must commend him for keeping on keeping on. It looks pretty serious!

McGraw will actually be able to take a few days off to rest, as his next show after this weekend isn't scheduled until Friday (in Morristown, Ohio). Hopefully he'll get a chance to put his feet up, and will be feeling a lot better by then.

Be sure to leave your get-well messages for Tim here! We all hope you're 100%, soon!

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