• John Legend and Ryan Leslie performed on May 3 at New York’s United Palace Theatre and kicked off the Yahoo! On the Road concert series. Legend was joined by the Salomé Chamber Orchestra and played soulful songs from his new album. Check out some of the highlights in the videos below, and click here for more Yahoo! On the Road tour artists, locations and dates.

    Check out Ryan Leslie's interview below:

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  • Super soul singer John Legend lived up to his name Friday night at New York’s United Palace Theatre, kicking off the Yahoo! On the Road series. In addition to performing new and old songs from his catalog, the “Ordinary People” singer played with the Salomé Chamber Orchestra and covered songs by rock icons Bruce Springsteen and Simon & Garfunkel.

    Legend's connection to Springsteen may have started two months ago, when he performed "Dancing in the Dark" at the 2013 MusiCares Person of the Year tribute to Springsteen. At the MusiCares event, Legend said he was excited to honor “one of the greatest songwriters of all time.”

    [ Photo gallery: John Legend performs in New York ]

    At Friday night's concert, Legend gave a nod to Springsteen once again with the rendition of “Dancing in the Dark,” which was much more subdued than the upbeat original. His vocal pacing was slower than Springsteen’s, but it maintained a triumphant build that suited the live classical instrumentation, including Legend’s own fine grand piano work.

    The audience exclaimed in delight when they realized Legend’s surprise. Friday’s version was also different than the jazzy offering he delivered with the Roots on Jimmy Fallon last year during a week-long ode to Springsteen.

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  • Ben Lyons stopped by "Good Morning America" Friday morning to talk about the new Yahoo! mobile apps and the upcoming On the Road mobile entertainment festival.

  • Ryan Leslie celebrates the Yahoo! On The Road tour with an exclusive performance at SXSW.

    Singer-songwriter and producer Ryan Leslie has built a following over the past decade. Graduating from Harvard University at 19, Leslie decided to pursue a career in music rather than his program of study, political science and macroeconomics. Catch up with five songs from Leslie’s repertoire ahead of his Yahoo! On the Road performance on May 3 with John Legend.

    Beautiful Lie -- The broken drum loop and catchy keyboard lines highlight Leslie’s production skills in “Beautiful Lie,” erupting in a crescendo with the titular chorus.

    So Forgetful -- The contrast of Lloyd Banks’ smoky flow and Leslie’s uplifting melodies makes for a radio-friendly hit.

    The Black Flag -- Funky and full of soul, Leslie slows down the tempo with his personal experiences in “The Black Flag.”

    Dress to Undress You -- Showcasing his piano talent, Leslie turns this ballad into a groovy, sensual jam.

    Start It Up -- Leslie hosts a signature sound full of dirty and fluttering keyboards, for his contemporaries. The

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  • The soulful sounds of John Legend, who has nine Grammy awards and 20 nominations to his credit, are the perfect uplifting accompaniment for your morning commute or a lazy Sunday afternoon. So before you check out John Legend's concert for Yahoo! On the Road this Friday, here are five great songs from the artist.

    Save Room -- If you're ever feeling down, there is no way this song won't bring a smile to your face.

    Ordinary People -- A simple piano song whose lyrics perfectly sum up the complexities of relationships and love.

    Heartbreaker -- Electronica meets John Legend.

    Wake Up Everybody -- An inspirational song with a groovy seventies touch.

    Who Do We Think We Are -- The newest single off of Legend's upcoming album, Love in the Future.

    Tune in this Friday at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT to watch the concert via live stream, or check out how you can win tickets.

    Stream more songs from Yahoo! On the Road artists:

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  • John Legend Concert: How to Watch with Yahoo! On the Road

    Yahoo! On the Road kicked off on Friday, May 3 with a concert featuring John Legend and the Salomé Chamber Orchestra and R&B artist Ryan Leslie at the United Palace Theatre in New York.

    There is no charge for tickets to any Yahoo! On the Road concert, and tickets are not for sale. So how do you get tickets? Monitor our Yahoo! On the Road Twitter page or check out the tour's Facebook page, or check back here for the latest updates.

    After the kick-off on Friday night, the Yahoo! On the Road bus will be making stops across the U.S. and bringing opportunities to get more tickets to see concerts, comedians and DJ performances throughout the month of May. After May, the tour heads to Europe and concludes on July 14 in London at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival. Check out the full schedule and stay tuned for more opportunities for tickets.

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  • Craig Robinson’s Best Onscreen Moments

    Craig Robinson with Kerry Washington in "Peeples."

    Craig Robinson has a big summer ahead of him. He's starring in "Peeples" (with Kerry Washington), "Rapture-palooza" (with Anna Kendrick and Ken Jeong) and "This Is the End" (with basically every comedian you’ve ever heard of, including Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Danny McBride). He's also performing live on Yahoo! on May 3 from the United Palace in New York.

    While you probably know Robinson from his work on "The Office," he's been on television and film a lot during the last half decade. Here's an abridged walk-through of Robinson's varied (and hilarious) resumé.

    Darryl Philbin on 'The Office'

    This is the easy one: Darryl started out as the manager of the Dunder Mifflin warehouse, continually butting heads with Steve Carell's Michael Scott. Eventually his role expanded and he ended up upstairs, continuing to dispense wisdom and one-liners while becoming one of the show's most beloved characters. "The Office" is in its final season, but Robinson is already working on another pilot for

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  • The Lumineers Play Yahoo! On the Road Pre-Tour Show

    Yahoo! On the Road has almost begun! Grammy-nominated band the Lumineers performed a preview show for Yahoo!'s cross-country extravaganza with a performance in New York City that was streamed live coast-to-coast.

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  • Looking to the Past to Help Predict 2013′s Song of the Summer

    Previous Song of the Summer champions Katy Perry, RedFoo and Carly Rae Jepsen. (WireImage)

    Attempting to pick the Song of the Summer before Memorial Day is usually a fool's errand, so you can only imagine the difficulty in trying to produce one. A couple of years ago, NPR's Planet Money did an episode on the creation of what was sure to be 2011's hottest Fourth of July jam. The label started crafting it all the way back in the spring of 2010, and their efforts resulted in … Rihanna's "Man Down," which peaked at 59 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    So as you can see, even the best-laid plans don't guarantee success. To figure out what is going to bubble up to the top of the pop charts this summer, let's review what has made it to the summit in the last few years.

    (For consistency, I used Billboard's Hot 100 chart; here are the archives.)

    2012 -- Carly Rae Jepsen, "Call Me Maybe"

    This was the biggest blowout in recent memory, as nothing could touch the Canadian songstress's hit single. Getting an early endorsement (and video) from Justin Bieber and friends, Jepsen's entry gathered momentum during the spring before laying waste to competitors all summer, taking over No. 1 on June 23 and refusing to relinquish the crown until mid-August. If you listened to any radio countdown, attended a baseball game, or just went on the Internet for more than five minutes, you were 100 percent guaranteed to hear about skin showing through ripped jeans and hot, windy nights. Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" put up a valiant effort, but it simply peaked too early to have any chance at the crown, while Maroon 5's "Payphone" just couldn't close the gap late.

    There was, of course, a backlash, but if you find no joy watching this video, I don't know why you're even listening to pop music:

    2011 -- LMFAO, "Party Rock Anthem"

    Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" (which first hit charts in December of 2010) peaked just a little too early, allowing Redfoo and SkyBlu (previously best known for an appearance on "Real World: Cancun") to slide in and wrest the crown away with "Party Rock Anthem." After "Deep" dominated May and June, the top spot became "Anthem's" for the rest of the summer, interrupted by the one-week reign of Pitbull's "Give Me Everything." If you wanted to make the case that it was really Adele who came out on top in '11, I wouldn't fight you, but considering the early release date and how Billboard's metrics went with LMFAO, I will stick with the gentlemen who gave us memorable, carefully crafted songs like "Yes," "Shots," and "La La La." (A special nod to Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)," which hung around the top of the charts for most of the season.)

    2010 -- Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg, "California Gurls"

    If you want a case study in how to build the perfect

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  • A beautiful collaboration between two of Yahoo!’s new apps is now available in the Apple and Android markets. Just this past December an entirely new Flickr app for iPhone was released, and on April 18 the new Yahoo! Weather app was unveiled, bringing the best of Flickr’s photos and weather forecasts together in one app.

    If that's enough good news, Flickr announced on May 20 that every user now gets one terabyte of photo storage. Upload photos on-the-go from your smart phone, or from your 18 megapixel camera, and you'll still have plenty of space to share images.

    Flickr’s app also gives you a unique opportunity to follow along with Yahoo! On the Road, a summer concert series live-streaming on Yahoo!. Join On the Road’s Flickr group to see the latest photos from live performances, and get the chance to win tickets to an OTR event near you by just downloading an app.

    And recent updates to the Yahoo! app offer an integrated, personalized experience for iOS and Android systems.

    Yahoo! Weather

    Yahoo!’s weather app is your window into the places you care about, with current local conditions and beautiful visualizations from Flickr. All the details you need from a forecast are at your fingertips with real photos taken those same conditions on location. To download it now, go to the App Store and Google Play. Be sure to sign into your Yahoo! account for full customization.

    With a tilt of your phone, get lost scrolling through photos reflecting the current weather in places that matter to you. Simply tap the temperature for a quick view of

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