• Capital Cities in Seattle [photo: Lydo Le]L.A. buzz duo Capital Cities, aka Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian, recently performed at the Yahoo! On the Road tour's Seattle show on an epic bill with Gossip, Willy Moon, and Twenty One Pilots. There, they got the entire audience dancing with their groovy originals like "Farrah Fawcett Hair" and "Safe & Sound," as well as totally unexpected, and totally awesome, cover songs like Sinead O'Connor/Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U," the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive," and Madonna "Holiday."

    But before Capital Cities' Seattle dance party commenced, Yahoo! Music caught up with Ryan and Sebu in their Moore Theatre dressing room, to talk about their background writing commercial jingles; their unusual collaborators (everyone from a famous rapper to an NPR voiceover icon); and of course, everyone's favorite subject, Nutella.

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  • Kristin Ogata & Beth Ditto [photo: Venturelli/WireImage]On Sunday, May 26, Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto played her "last show as an unmarried woman," at Yahoo! On the Road's Seattle tour stop. On June 1, Beth will wed her longtime girlfriend (and even longer-time friend) Kristin Ogata in Hawaii.

    "We found this really beautiful place that used to be a sugar plantation that was owned by the workers. It's on Maui. It's going to be super-traditional, but untraditional in the way that it's going to be done by a Hawaiian priestess. Isn’t that awesome? She'll be overseeing it, calling the ancestors," Beth told Yahoo! Music. "It's going to be really spiritual and cool, and like, lesbian and really female-centric. And awesome."

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  • Willy Moon onstage in Seattle [photo: Lydo Le]Natty New Zealand crooner Willy Moon is one of 2013's new artists to watch, but the 23-year-old's music incorporates so many pre-2000s elements from before his time: '50s rockabilly, '60s soul, old-school blues. Plus, he sort of looks like the immaculately conceived lovechild of Berlin-era Bowie and Stranded-era Bryan Ferry. In many ways, what Willy Moon is doing right now is timeless.

    Willy recently performed at the Yahoo! On the Road tour's Seattle show on an epic bill with Gossip, Capital Cities, and Twenty One Pilots, but before he hit the stage, he caught up with Yahoo! Music in his dressing room to talk about his surprising musical influences, his voracious musical appetite and "Frankenstein music," his troubled childhood, his impeccable sense of style, and why he'd never, ever be a fashion model (even though, contrary to his claims, he'd probably be a great one).

    Check out what Willy had to say, and watch his awesome Yahoo! On the Road performance of his hit iPod commercial song "Yeah Yeah" as well!

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  • Yahoo! On the Road welcomed Capital Cities, Willy Moon, Twenty One Pilots, and Gossip to Seattle. If you missed the live stream, check out the slideshow after the jump.

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  • Many music fans probably still associate Seattle with the flannel-swathed mope-rock of the grunge era, but when the Yahoo! On the Road tour swung through the famously gray city on Sunday night, it was a total dance party in the USA.

    Yahoo! On the Road's most whopping lineup yet, featuring four very different but equally high-energy acts, practically turned Seattle's historic, century-old Moore Theatre into a discotheque. From swaggery pop-a-billy to emo-tinged hip-pop, from synthy yacht rock to divalicious disco-punk, there was something to get even the most rhythmically challenged, two-left-footed concertgoer moving and grooving.

    Kicking off the epic evening was natty New Zealander Willy Moon, who managed to cram eight short, sharp songs into his 20-minute set without ever breaking a sweat. Looking like Berlin-era Bowie and sounding equal parts Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Jon Spencer, and Bruno Mars, indie rock's new matinee idol definitely impressed (and dressed to impress).

    A highlight of

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  • Twenty One Pilots' actual encore [photo: Flickr]It's a time-honored concert cliché. A lead singer claims that his/her band's show is coming to what seems like a premature end. The band then leaves the stage. Of course, everyone in the audience knows that the band is coming back...but the fans dutifully clap and cheer, on cue, until the musicians' egos are sufficiently inflated and an acceptable, probably predetermined number of minutes have passed. Finally, said musicians return to the stage and play the song they were planning to do all along.

    But on Sunday night, when Ohio alt-rock twosome Twenty One Pilots played a Yahoo! On the Road gig at Seattle's historic Moore Theatre, eccentric frontman Tyler Joseph — a man always in touch with his fans — kept it real and pulled back the curtain on this silly charade.

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  • Five Songs to Stream: Gossip

    Gossip band members Hannah Blilie, Beth Ditto, and Brace Paine.Gossip is the trio composed of singer Beth Ditto, guitarist Nathan “Brace” Paine, and drummer Hannah Blilie.  The band’s front woman is truly the star of the show, and she is known for her avant-garde fashion sense.  Ditto has worked as a plus size model and opened for Jean Paul Gaultier’s 2011 Spring Fashion show. She collaborated with MAC for a limited edition makeup collection in 2012.

    “Move in the Right Direction” -- The second single off of Gossip’s most recent album, “A Joyful Noise,” it is the band’s signature combination of pop and Goth rock.

    “Heavy Cross” - You might recognize this song from the 2011 Charlize Theron J’adore Parfume Dior commercial.  Watch Theron get ready next to Marilyn Monroe and walk down the catwalk here.

    “Perfect World” - Gossip’s first single off of “A Joyful Noise” was an international success.  It was top 40 in six countries and reached number one in Switzerland.

    “I Won’t Play” – A good song for late night city driving.


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  • Get ready to bob your head along to the electro-pop sounds of Capital Cities. The duo, comprised of Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian, met after Simonian posted an ad on Craigslist for production work and Merchant responded. Eventually, Merchant brought Simonian over to a jingle house where the two composed music for advertising and commercial use.

    Moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles to pursue a new act, Capital Cities signed to Capitol Records to debut a new full-length release in 2013. Listen to some of our favorite selections and watch them perform live for Yahoo! On the Road in Seattle on May 26.

    “Safe and Sound” -- It’s a fact: that trumpet line was made to bury itself in your head. How long can you go without humming it.

    “Postcards” -- Capital Cities collaborates with New York’s electro duo, Napoleon, to create a jingle perfect for catching sunrays.

    “Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast” -- This tune seems to sparkle and ooze bright neon.

    “Beginnings” -- Even in this early track, Capital

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  • Willy Moon

    Who would have known that a brilliant music career could be started on MySpace, even in 2010? That’s the story of Willy Moon, a New Zealand artist now based in London.

    Shortly after Moon uploaded his first song on the social network, the soon-to-be pop star accepted a deal from Island Records. In 2012, his lead single “Yeah Yeah” was featured on the commercial for Apple’s lineup of new iPod products and he recorded at Jack White’s Third Man studio. Listen to a few songs from his brand new debut “Here’s Willy Moon,” before he opens the Yahoo! On the Road concert in Seattle on May 26.

    “Get Up (What You Need)” -- It’s like 1991 all over again with the album opener’s rhythms.

    “Yeah Yeah” -- Moon explodes out of this single-turned-Apple-commercial.

    “I Wanna Be Your Man” -- The rhythm and blues influence is quite apparent on this updated take of the traditional genre.

    “My Girl” -- Time travel with this number: 1954 via 2013.

    “She Loves Me” -- Moon’s mutated pop is full of glitches and it ends in

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  • One of the perks of touring the country during the On the Road concert festival is checking out the local attractions.

    One such place -- JuiceLand in Austin, Texas -- drew in thirsty and curious Yahoo! hosts Ben Lyons and Jerry Trainor, star of Nickelodeon’s “Wendell & Vinnie.”

    Watch the video to see our fearless reporters sample a greenish-looking beverage called a Ninja Bachelor Party. One of the juice bar's most popular specialty blends, it mixes up fresh jalapeno, pineapple, kale, parsley, celery, and salt. Um, yum?

    But it gets even stranger from there. Juice shop proprietor Jordan says the shop's made-to-order concoctions include other odd additions like hemp seeds and hemp protein, as well as Himalayan salt and Ormus Supergreens, a "green mix grown out of diatomaceous earth" from volcanic ash in Utah. Translation: fancy dirt.

    Clearly, this is not your basic glass of orange juice. There are some serious claims going into these silly-sounding mixes of fruits, veggies, and other weird

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