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Macklemore Flaunts His “$100 Hook-Up,” Crowd-Surfs the Badger

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Forget the Gucci, Louis, Fendi, and Prada; Macklemore might just be the only hip-hop star to glorify a cheap deal for slick threads. (Warning: Video contains adult language.)

At the latest Yahoo! On the Road show with Skylar Grey and cohort Ryan Lewis, the "Thrift Shop" rapper went over his $20 budget to drop *gasp* $100 American on the "$100 Hook-Up": a ridiculous suit complete with shoes from a local mall store. Macklemore upped the ante on his ridic outfit with the addition of a fur jacket, a temporary donation from an audience member. Brand new head-to-toe ensemble, including fur? In hip-hop, that's what we call a steal.

[ Photos: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perform in Milwaukee ]

Macklemore visited the Grand Avenue Mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in search of a Bucks basketball jersey for Sunday night's show. The rapper lamented on stage that he could only find jerseys in XL or XXL, so he instead opted for a package deal consisting of a grey suit, satin-y gold shirt, burgundy bow tie and matching pocket square with candy red faux alligator shoes from Nikavonni's. Only an artist like Macklemore can wear a get-up like that and look spot-on. Although Lewis made an excellent point on his Instagram:

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[Photo: @RyanLewis on Instagram]

In an exclusive interview before the show, Macklemore a.k.a. Ben Haggerty shared his favorite thrift shop find: "A 1991... velour dragon suit," Haggerty told us. "It has a gold dragon."

"Dragon skin," Lewis interjected. Haggerty corrected himself, joking, "when I said velour, I mean dragon skin." Dragon skin suit that only cost him $11? Okay, he was messing with us, but gotta hope he does have a dragon suit hanging in his closet.

Later in the set at Milwaukee's historic Turner Ballroom, Macklemore took a fashion survey of the audience, calling out a Wu-Tang shirt, a sombrero, a poncho, and the most popular item of the evening, fur coats. Singling this dude out, Macklemore asked the audience to pass the dude's fur coat up to the stage and donned what he christened the "Wisconsin Badger" coat. And with that, they launched into their mega-hit "Thrift Shop".

After the rowdy performance with special guest Wanz wearing his own amazing suit, an out of breath Macklemore said, "I'm wearing so much polyester and fur right now, I can barely breathe. It's time to get this badger back to its rightful owner."

Feeling a spiritual connection to animals, Macklemore translated the coat's vibes to say, "I feel the aura of this badger. The badger was like 'Psst, psst... hey homie, I'm dead now. What I want, I want to crowd surf... I want to feel the fingers of the people all over my stomach. Let me jump onto the people, Macklemore'. And I was like 'alright, word up badger'."

What's to happen next? Why, crowd surf the badger of course! Surely creating a new Milwaukee mantra, Macklemore had the entire audience excitedly chanting "crowd surf the badger" before tossing it back into the sea of fans and making sure the coat got back to it's rightful owner.

[Videos: Yahoo! On the Road: Songs From Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Skylar Grey]

Heading backstage during a moving rendition of the national anthem by "The Heist" featured singer Ryan Dalton and Wanz, Macklemore re-emerged stripped of his $100 Hook-Up to wear a more performance-friendly ensemble of a thrifty-looking Seattle SuperSonics tank top, jeans, and sneakers for "My Oh My".

But that wasn't the last costume change: For their encore, Macklemore donned one last look for "And We Danced" consisting of a long blonde wig and purple sequin cape with fur trim. Who knew he could work a cape like Donna Summer!

Despite playing shows for the previous five nights in a row, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis brought the house down (literally, the floor was shaking precariously in the historic theater built in 1890) with their set. Besides their breakout single, the set also included "Ten Thousand Hours", "Life Is Cinema", moving gay rights anthem "Same Love", "Can't Hold Us", "Wings" and throwback "Otherside". Plus, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis jumped into the crowd more than any other artist that I have personally seen. Given that fans were waiting outside the venue as early as 6am in their pajamas and blankets in the Wisconsin chill, they definitely earned a chance to get a true feel for these guys!

In our interview, Macklemore also threw down some of his earliest rhymes from a small show he held at 15-years-old:

My lyrics get you blown up like Air Max

Styles are free, but I put it down like a tax

Don't relax. When I'm in your presence

You're losing calories like understated peasants

"...Which made no sense, it just rhymed with 'presence'," Haggerty admitted. Lewis shared another one of Macklemore's early rhymes that was pretty hilarious. But let's just say it's best not to put it in writing for this site. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Watch our favorite moments from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, plus opener Skylar Grey, and check out Yahoo! On The Road for info on more tour dates, how to attend upcoming shows, and more!

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