Their Own Private Idaho: Lumineers & Dispatch’s Intimate Yahoo! On the Road Gig for Boise Fans

Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers performs for Yahoo! On the Road at Revolution Concert House on May 28, 2013 in Boise, Idaho.
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Yahoo On The Road | Photo By Lydo Le
Wed, May 29, 2013 3:00 PM EDT
When the Yahoo! On the Road tour swung through Boise this Tuesday for a special show with Grammy nominees the Lumineers and cult roots-rock band Dispatch, the reaction from locals made the Beliebers and Directioners at respective Justin Bieber and One Direction concerts seem positively apathetic.

Fans swarmed various Boise locations the day before to collect ticket vouchers to get into the concert. And on the day of the show, hours before the doors even opened, they were camped out in lawn chairs in front of the Revolution Concert House, ready to get inside.

And once they made it inside, these fans were some happy campers, indeed.

While both bands impressed, one of the highlights of the night was when, towards the end of openers Dispatch's set, the two acts joined forces. "We're just three guys, and it gets lonely up here," joked Dispatch's Brad Corrigan. "You don't mind if we bring some guys from…oh, what's that band called? The Lumineers?"

The audience expectedly exploded as several Lumineers, including core members Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, joined Dispatch for "Prince of Spades." It was the Disineers! Or Lumipatch! Whatever you wanted it call it, this was a jam-band supergroup in the making, and hopefully this won't be the last collaboration we witness from these guys.

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Another highlight of Dispatch's set — the first Boise show of their 18-year career — was a surprise appearance by local jazz pianist Paul Tillotson (introduced as "the mayor of Boise"), who greeted the band with gifts from his recent pleasure trip to Hawaii: fresh flower leis. Now Dispatch could legitimately brag that they got "lei'd" on tour, and a lucky, very giddy woman in the front row could boast that she got lei'd by Dispatch, after they placed one of the floral wreaths around her neck.

Dispatch finished with "Elias," a benefit song for nonprofit organization the Elias Fund inspired by band member Chad Urmston's experience teaching in Zimbabwe. Good vibes ensued. "Some of you had to dig extra-hard to find our music back in the day," said the band, who broke up in 2004 and, after a series of one-off reunion gigs, officially reconvened in 2011. (They released a live album, Ain't No Trip To Cleveland Vol. 1, on the same day as their Yahoo! On the Road show.) "So thank you!"

Dispatch's set was warmly received as if they were the night's headliners, but when the Lumineers took the stage next, the energy in the room elevated several more notches. "This time a few years ago, we couldn't have paid this many people to stay and listen to us," marveled frontman Wesley, as he stared out in wonder at the packed house.

Highlights of the Lumineers' set included a wonderfully ramshackle cover of Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" (all that was missing was a stack of hand-Sharpie'd, cardboard lyric signs); a near-a cappella "Slow It Down" with just Wesley and Jeremiah; and a sweet, yet-untitled new duet between Wesley and cellist Neyla Pekarek that evoked The Jerk's "Tonight You Belong to Me" in the best possible way.

"Ho Hey," the Lumineers' monster stomp-and-shuffle single, was of course a highlight as well...but the band gutsily played it fourth during their 17-song set (as opposed to saving it for the encore), as if to prove that they're no one-hit wonders. And the fact that the audience enthusiasm in the room in absolutely no way dissipated once "Ho Hey" was out of way was indeed solid proof of that.

The Revolution Concert House was already an intimate venue for an act of the Lumineers' stature, but the band practically turned the Concert House into a coffeehouse towards the end of the night, when they moved down into the crowd for an unplugged mini-set. Standing on boxes in the middle of the audience to play raw renditions of "Darlene" and "Gun Song," Wesley implored the spectators to be pindrop-silent, and they were surprisingly respectful of his wishes.

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photo: Flickr

photo: Flickr

However, a few fans couldn't resist disobeying Wesley's other plea — to stash away all cell phones and "just be with us for this moment" — because, understandably, the urge to capture this magic moment for all posterity on Twitter/Flickr/Vine/Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr/Pinterest was just too strong.

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