The Late Show With fun.! Watch Nate Ruess & Andrew Dost’s ‘Letterman’ Act

photo: FlickrMuch ado has been made in the media lately about late-night television's ever-revolving hosts. But before Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers get too comfortable over at NBC, they should be warned that two new rising stars may be coming for their seats someday: Nate Ruess and Andrew Dost, from the Grammy-winning rock band fun.

When playing at San Francisco's Nob Hill Masonic Center on the final night of the Yahoo! On the Road U.S. tour, fun.'s onstage banter was as entertaining as their musical highlights (which, incidentally, included "Some Nights," "We Are Young," "Carry On," and a crowd-rousing cover of the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want"). And when keyboardist Andrew took on the dual roles of Paul Shaffer and Ed McMahon between songs, it made for some pretty good late-night comedy.

Our only minor quibbles? That Nate didn't rattle off a top 10 list of some kind, and that Andrew didn't quote any of Shaffer's lines from This is Spinal Tap or whip out a giant McMahon-style Publishers Clearing House novelty check. But that obscure "Arliss" reference? Priceless.

Compare and contrast the photo above with Paul Shaffer and David Letterman's original late-night shtick below:

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