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10 Great Punk Rock At Bat Songs

I took my kids to a doubleheader today to see the Charlotte Knights. It was their first live baseball game experience, and they loved everything about it. We even caught a fly ball. My daughter especially enjoyed the music. When I was a kid we sang "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" and screamed "CHARGE!", but today it seems that batter introduction songs have become key musical moments during the game. A song selection can tell you a lot about a player. If you ask me, Major League Baseball should stop aligning teams by city and start aligning them by music genre -- heavy metal, hip-hop, funk, rapcore, etc. Sure, the emo and soft rock teams wouldn't stand a chance, but the punk rock team might do pretty well. This playlist contains 10 tracks I thought would make great at bat songs for punk players. 

What would be your "at bat" song?

10 Great Punk Rock At Bat Songs

1. New Day Rising - Husker Du

2. Beat On The Brat - The Ramones

3. Stand Up Now - D.O.A.

4. Search And Destroy - The Stooges

5. Hungry Wolf - X

6. This Ain't No Picnic - Minutemen

7. Sonic Reducer - Dead Boys

8. Banana Splits (The Tra La La Song) - The Dickies

9. Batman Theme - The Jam

10. Sick Boys - Social Distortion

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