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The 10 Most Played Christmas Songs

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The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, which is more well-known by the acronym ASCAP, collects royalties for songwriters from businesses that  license songs for commercial use. This includes broadcast television, cable television, background music services, restaurants, bars, theme parks, radio stations, and more. So when you hear songs on the radio, it's not free, someone is getting paid.

During the holiday season, the airwaves become crowded with Christmas music. My wife turns to the "Christmas station" as soon as it becomes available. And there are millions like her. This means that copyright holders who are lucky enough to score a Christmas hit can look forward to a nice fat Christmas bonus year after year.

For this playlist I've pulled together the top 10 most played Christmas songs according to ASCAP. These are the songs that you simply cannot avoid if you turn your radio on this time of year.

Christmas is right around the corner. You WILL hear these songs.

The 10 Most Played Christmas Songs

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