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10 Songs Called “America”

235 years ago today the Declaration of Independence was adopted. It marked the creation of a new country called the United States of America, one that was independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain. We're still going. I would like to wish you all a fantastic 4th of July. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy family, friends, some great food and fireworks. Here at the Y! Music Playlist blog we've published "Fourth of July Songs", "Patriotic Songs For The 4th of July" and a list called "Independents Day Songs", which includes songs by indie bands that refer to July 4th in someway. Maybe these  can help you with your own holiday soundtrack. For this playlist I'm adding to the repertoire with 10 songs that all share the title "America".

10 Songs Called "America"

1. America - Simon & Garfunkel

2. America - Neil Diamond

3. America - Marcy Playground

4. America - John Fahey

5. America - Trini Lopez

6. America - Yes

7. America - Nas

8. America - Lee Greenwood

9. America - Rita Moreno

10. America - Barry White

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