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10 Tattoo Songs

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When I was 18 I did what a lot of teenagers do -- I got a tattoo. It wasn't a rebellious thing, or even an artistic statement. It was a family thing. I chose to have my family coat of arms tattooed on my right arm and it's the only tattoo I will ever have. I still like it. These days tattoos seem to be more popular than ever with reality shows wholly dedicated to tattoo parlors, and artists are pushing the limits of the art more than ever. Can you imagine a tattoo parlor without music? I can't, and if you ask me, nothing goes better with tattoos than rock & roll. They are after all, both born of rebellion. For this playlist I've chosen the first 10 "tattoo" songs that came to mind. What songs would you add and tell us what tattoo(s) you have if you've got 'em.

10 Tattoo Songs

1. Tattooed Love Boys - Pretenders

2. Like A Tattoo - Sade

3. Tattoos And Cigarettes - Warren Haynes

4. Tattoo - The Who

5. Red Dragon Tattoo - Fountains of Wayne

6. The Rose Tattoo - David Byrne

7. Tattoo Vampire - Blue Oyster Cult

8. Tattoo Me Now - The Bobs

9. Tattoo - Janis Ian

10. Last Tattoo - Rehab

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