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2+2 Songs

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All the kiddies are back in school, and if you're a parent like me, the peace and quite is welcomed during the day. Even if it's a bit melancholy without the laughter of children around. When I think back on my elementary school days I remember loving most of the subjects -- except for one. I loved to read,  learning how to write never felt like a chore, and gym, art and music... forget about it, I lived for these. However, the one thing that I did not enjoy during my early school days was math. I found it unbearably boring. My dad was a mechanical engineer, so we had a bunch of calculators around the house. It didn't make sense to my 8-year old mind that we should have to learn math when we could just use a calculator. This playlist is dedicated to all the kids, who like me, currently don't see the value in math. Trust me kids, one day you'll understand why it's important. This playlist includes songs that are titled after one of the very first math problems we solve as children, 2+2.  A couple of these artists get it wrong. 

2+2 Songs

1. 2 + 2 = 5 - Radiohead

2. 2 + 2 = 4 - Del The Funky Homosapien

3. 2+2 Makes Five - Five for Fighting

4. Two Plus Two - Mac Davis

5. 2 + 2 - D.O.A.

6. 2+2=? - Deadfingers

7. 2+2 - 2+2

8. 2+2=4 - Jeff Bowders

9. 2+2=3  - Sordromo

10. 2 + 2 - Daniel Panasenko

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