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Acoustic Moon Songs

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Human beings have looked up to the night sky to ponder the moon since we first stood upright. For thousands of years it was a complete mystery, and even worshiped as a God. Today we know a heck of a lot more about this barren celestial body that orbits our home. And even though we've walked upon it's surface, it still continues to inspire us.

There are literally thousands of songs that have been written about, or inspired by the moon. No one has the time to listen to a comprehensive list of moon songs. So, to help cut the list down, I've filtered it by selecting only quality, acoustic-based tracks. This filtering helps create a consistent experience that lends itself well to the subject matter.

The playlist contains over 2.5 hours of music from many genres, but the acoustic guitars, pianos and strings tie it all together.


The Playlist:

1. Moonshadow - Cat Stevens

2. Harvest Moon - Neil Young

3. Pink Moon - Nick Drake

4. Jealous Of The Moon - Nickel Creek

5. Moon On My Shoulder - Lyle Lovett

6. Blue Moon - Big Star

7. Climbing To The Moon - Eels

8. Red Moon - David Gray

9. Shoot The Moon - Norah Jones

10. Winter Moon - Stan Getz

11. Moon Over Trees - Ottmar Liebert

12. Waiting For The Moon - Bruce Cockburn

13. Jealous Moon - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

14. Moon Over Soho - The Tiger Lillies

15. Moon Palace - Luna

16. Grapefruit Moon - Tom Waits

17. On Me Like the Moon - Tree By Leaf

18. Full Moon In My Soul - Robyn Hitchcock

19. Sisters Of The Moon - Fleetwood Mac

20. The Sun, Moon, And Stars - Nanci Griffith

21. Moon Song - America

22. Carolina Moon - Thelonious Monk

23. Spidery Moon - The Minus 5

24. Waiting For The Moon - Tindersticks

25. The Rising Of The Moon - Peter, Paul & Mary

26. Moon Pretty Moon - The Statler Brothers

27. Creole Moon - Dr. John

28. Fly Me To The Moon - Astrud Gilberto

29. Cajun Moon - Ricky Skaggs

30. Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Elvis Presley

31. Howlin' At The Moon - Hank Williams

32. The Moon Is High (And So Am I) - Roger Miller

33. Rodeo Moon - Toby Keith

34. Slow Dancing With The Moon - Dolly Parton

35. Zhao Jiping: Moon Over Guan Mountains - Yo-Yo Ma

36. Moon River - Henry Mancini

37. Moon - George Winston

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