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Allman Brothers Covers

The Allman Brothers Band is one of those acts who get a whole lot of respect from across a wide spectrum of music fans. Beloved by rock fans, country fans, jam band fans, blues fans, pop music fans and last, but not least, fellow musicians who admire their chops and legendary improvisational skills.The band has seen a great deal of tragedy and line-up changes in its day, but they continue to perform to rabid fans worldwide. You won't feel cheated if you're lucky enough to catch a show. For this playlist I've selected 10 cover versions of Allman Brothers Band songs from a diverse group of artists, which shows just how deep the band's influence runs.

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Allman Brothers Covers

1. Midnight Rider - Willie Nelson

2. Ramblin' Man - Gary Stewart

3. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed - Herbie Mann

4. Melissa - Dave Matthews Band

5. Blue Sky - Joan Baez

6. Jessica - The Might Be Giants

7. Dreams I'll Never See - Molly Hatchet

8. Whipping Post - Sara K.

9. Soulshine - Gov't Mule

10. Mountain Jam - Great Caesar's Ghost

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