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An iTunes Genius Indie Playlist

If you read this blog you're well aware that I spend a great deal of time building playlists. It's a passion to say the least. But sometimes I don't want to spend time searching for songs to fit a particular theme, I want someone else to do the work for me and just listen to some great music. I was in one of those moods tonight. As I have written previously, there are many great ways to build a playlist with no work required. Rhapsody, Pandora, iTunes and many other music applications can build them on the fly intelligently, based on your likes, or listening habits. For this playlist I chose to use iTunes Genius since I have just finished importing all my music files. I picked a single song, "Eli, The Barrowboy" by the Decemberists and clicked the Genius button -- iTunes then automatically created this playlist from my personal MP3 collection.

I have no clue what the logic is behind the Apple Genius software, but I must say, it's done a fine job.

An iTunes Genius Indie Playlist  

1. Eli, The Barrowboy - The Decemberists

2. Radio War - Iron and Wine

3. Communist Daughter - Neutral Milk Hotel

4. Those to Come - The Shins

5. Masterfade - Andrew Bird

6. Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens

7. Neighborhood #4 (& Kettles) - Arcade Fire

8. It's A Hit - Rilo Kiley

9. Another Sunny Day - Belle and Sebastian

10. Stable Song - Death Cab For Cutie

11. This Year - The Mountain Goats

12. Radio Cure - Wilco

13. Alameda - Elliott Smith

14. Kicking the Heart Out - Rogue Wave

15. Things Behind The Sun - Nick Drake

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