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Balloon Songs

A songwriter can use the balloon to symbolize many things in song. A rising balloon can be used to describe something uplifting, newly found freedom, or reaching new heights. A balloon floating downward can represent the end of something good, and a popped balloon can mean an abrupt ending, or unrealized goal. Balloons can also represent the temporary nature of life itself, including a birth (inflation), youth (upward rise), old age (decline) and death (deflation). Balloons are usually good, unless you're a sea turtle who mistakes one for a jellyfish, or a world leader who mistakes one for a nuclear weapon, as Nena describes in the 1980s hit "99 Luftballons".

There have been a myriad of songs that use the balloon as a device to get  a point across. This playlist includes 26 of them. What would you add?

Balloon Songs

1. 99 Luftballons - Nena

2. Bridges & Balloons - The Decemberists

3. Sunship Balloons - The Flaming Lips

4. Screaming Lead Balloons - Yo La Tengo

5. Balloons - Foals

6. The Last Balloon - XTC

7. White Balloons - Sick Puppies

8. Balloon Man - Robyn Hitchcock

9. Balloon Maker - Midlake

10. Balloon - Lou Reed

11. Red Balloon - Small Faces

12. Balloon - St. Vincent

13. Lead Balloon - Joni Mitchell

14. Downs Are Feminine Balloons - Mercury Rev

15. Blue Balloon - Ween

16. Yellow Balloon - Jan & Dean

17. Red Balloon - Bobby Darin

18. March of the Balloon Animals - Dengue Fever

19. Black Balloon - Goo Goo Dolls

20. Supreme Balloon - Matmos

21. Balloon - Catherine Wheel

22. Balloon - Leo Kottke

23. Led Balloon - Love Tractor

24. I'm a Balloon - Nancy Wilson

25. Ray Dawn Balloon - Trey Anastasio

26. The Red Balloon - Judy Garland

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