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Bands Named After Meat

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Could you imagine a compilation like this showing up on a late night infomercial? No, me neither. But this is one of the beautiful things about this new digital world we live in. A playlist of songs by bands named after meat is not something that would have ever been created, manufactured and promoted before digital music distribution. And marketing and distributing a compilation album used to take serious money. Today it only takes a few minutes, an idea and a subscription music service.

We all know there are some weird band names out there. And this playlist falls into the "weird band name" category, but concentrates on bands who share a name with a cut of meat. While most are beef-specific, some are more generic and puzzling like the Meat Puppets.

Other meatalicious artists include T-Bone Walker, Meat Loaf, Swinging Steaks, Red Red Meat, Scotty And The Rib Tips, Acoustic Sausage, The Pork Dukes and many more. Dig in!

Bands Named After Meat Playlist

1. T-Bone Blues - T-Bone Walker

2. Paradise By The Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf

3. Up On the Sun - Meat Puppets

4. Long Way Down - Swinging Steaks 

5. Zombieland - T-Bone Burnett 

6. How We Ended Up Under The Wheels - Beef Terminal

7. Sweet Child - Mr. T-Bone

8. Waste - Red Red Meat 

9. Your Mind Belongs To The State - Meat Beat Manifesto

10. Shack - Acoustic Sausage

11. When I Get Drunk - Pork Tornado

12. Wing Man - King Beef 

13. Xstacy - Rib Tip

14. You No Understand - Beef Jerky

15. Time Waits For No Man - The Pork Dukes

16. Toyz 1988 - Sausage 

17. Totally Epic - Bacon And Egg

18. Sharks In The Water - Meat Sandwich

19. You're Nobody - Capt. Meat 

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