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This, the second in our space-themed playlist series, is a collection of songs about the big bang. The big bang was the huge explosion that happened about 13.7 billion years ago, and created everything in our universe. We know the universe came from a single point because we have been able to track the movement of space objects, and they are all expanding away outward at incredible speed. If we could rewind the objects in space that we can see, they would eventually all converge at a single point in space.

What existed before the big bang is a mystery. Theories include a super-dense ball of pure energy, the hand of God, or nothing at all. If the big bang was the beginning, what will be the end? Most astrophysicists believe that there will indeed be an end. Some think  the universe will just continue to expand, and that all stars will eventually burn out, leaving the universe cold and dark. Others believe that our universe will start to contract again (the big crunch) -- eventually returning to another super-dense, single point of energy, which will then explode again with another big bang.

What do you think, was the big bang a single event, or is it cyclical, and what "big bang" songs did I miss?

Big Bang Songs

1. Big Bang Theory Theme - Barenaked Ladies

2. Big Bang Theory - Parliament

3. Big Bang Theory - Little Feat

4. Big Bang Backwards - Thomas Dolby

5. Big Bang - Bad Religion

6. Big Bang - Galaxie

7. Hey Big Bang - Superhumanoids

8. The Big Bang - Rock Mafia

9. Big Bang Theory - C.P.O.

10. Big Bang Baby - Stone Temple Pilots

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