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Bill Gates Has A Posse

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The premise for this playlist was a strange one, but it's one that works. I simply wanted to put together a list of Hip-Hop tracks that contain the words "Bill Gates" somewhere in the lyrics. Do I have too much time on my hands? Probably, but someone had to do it, and it might as well have been me.

For those who have been living in a closet for the last couple decades Bill Gates is the richest man in the world with a recently  estimated net worth of $56 Billion.

That's $56,000,000,000 with nine zeros. To put this in perspective for you. If you put this much money in a checking account and only drew a paltry one half of one percent on the money, you would still pull in $280 million dollars a year. Luckily, Gates is a bit better invested than this, and is using a lot of his incredible wealth for the good of humankind though the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

The name "Bill Gates" pops up in hip-hop a great deal. Being the world's richest man, he's the obvious choice for those who like to rhyme about money.

All of the songs in this playlist mention the name "Bill Gates" as a symbol to be either envied, or despised for his wealth. Please add any tracks I missed to the comments.

The Playlist:

Artist: Outkast
Track: Red Velvet
Album: Stankonia
Lyric Sample: "Bill Gates, don't dangle diamonds in the face
Of peasants when he Microsoftin' in the place"

Artist: Snoop Dogg
Track: From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace (Featuring Pharrell)
Album: Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss
Lyric Sample: "Ask Bill Gates (yeah I know the homie snoop)
Yeah I'm still loaded, hangin' wit my folk and
FollowRrakim cause I ain't no joke"

Artist: Nelly
Track: Country Grammar
Album: Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention
Lyric Sample: "Bill Gates, Donald Trump let me in now
Spin now, I got money to lend my friends now
We in now, candy Benz, Kenwood and 10's now"

Artist: Nas
Track: Hate Me Now
Album: I Am...The Autobiography
Lyric Sample: "Expandin' more to the big screen, Bill Gates dreams. But it seems you'd rather see me in jail with state greens"

Artist: Mystikal
Track: Ghetto Child
Album: Unpredictable
Lyric Sample: "And all my life I thought Bill Clinton ran the country until I found out Bill Gates had all the money"

Artist: Master P
Track: Get Your Paper
Album: MP Da Last Don
Lyric Sample: "And push 600 wit a bulletproof
The ghetto Bill Gates the only president wit a gold tooth"

Artist: Bad Azz
Track: We Be Puttin' It Down
Album: Word On Tha Street
Lyric Sample: "We keep a money move, hate while we regulate
and get real papers, rich like Bill Gates"

Artist: DJ Clue
Track: Whatever You Want
Album: The Professional
Lyric Sample: "Gettin' paper now, Bill Gates is my neighbor now
Chics all flavors now, cause a nigga kinda famous now"

Artist: Company Flow
Track: Population Control
Album: Funcrusher Plus
Lyric Sample: "Like that spilled milk spoiled
When Bill Gates and Ted Turner rub each other down with olive oils"

Artist: Ghostface Killah
Track: Mighty Healthy
Album: Supreme Clientele
Lyric Sample: "Check checkmate props like the micro chip founder
Neck to neck stocks with Bill Gates now"

Artist: C-BO
Track: Professional Ballers
Album: Til My Casket Drops
Lyric Sample: "Tryin to stack my riches like Bill Gates
Servin raw and uncut caine so you can't hate"

Artist: Kelis
Track: Ghetto Children
Album: Kaleidoscope
Lyric Sample: "By the time I'm 21
I'll be the ghetto bill gates"

13.* (My personal favorite lyric)
Artist: EPMD
Track: The Funk
Album: Out Of Business
Lyric Sample: "I'm the black Bill Gates, my chips be Micro
Bad like Michael, don't make me fight you"

Artist: Will Smith
Track: Who Am I
Album: Willenium
Lyric Sample: "Phat rhymes to make it seem that I was like Bill Gates writing lines, seal fates"

Artist: Lil' Romeo
Track: My Cinderella
Album: Romeoland
Lyric Sample: "I'm a young Bill Gates, get all this girl,
in my g-4 we could tour the world"

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