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This, the third in our space-themed playlist series, is a collection of black hole songs. Black holes are one of those mysteries of science that can make your brain hurt. Black holes are points in universe that become so dense that they deform time and space itself. The gravity is so great in a black hole that not even light can escape once it passes the point of no return, also known as the "event horizon".

As black holes grow larger by sucking in millions, of even billions of stars and planets, they can become what are known as "super massive black holes" At the center of our own galaxy, The Milky Way, is a super massive black hole and many scientists believe that one exists in the center of most, if not all galaxies. So, moons revolve around planets, planets revolve around stars, and stars revolve black holes.

Black holes may be the center of our existence. But one has to wonder if our universe is unique, or could it just be one of many that revolve around something yet unknown. There are still many questions to be answered, but as of now, black holes are a really interesting mystery to research.

What "black hole" songs did I miss?

Black Hole Songs

1. Supermassive Black Hole -  Muse

2. Black Hole -  The Rosebuds

3. Black Hole -  She and Him

4. Black Hole Sun -  Soundgarden

5. The Black Hole -  Misfits

6. Little Black Holes -  Elf Power

7. Theme From The Black Hole -  Parliament

8. Black Hole -  Love Tractor

9. Black Hole - Creeper Lagoon

10. Black Hole - Addict

11. Black Hole - Girls Against Boys

12. Black Hole Hunter - Rasputina

13.  Dirty Black Hole - Steve Vai

14. Black Hole - Nosferatu

15. Black Hole Generator - Prodd

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