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Christmas Playlist Spectacular: Volume 1

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There are huge numbers of Christmas recordings floating around this planet. The unwritten rule seems to be that all recording artists must cut at least one Christmas album in their lifetime. Some artists, like Trans-Siberian Orchestra, have made a career out of doing nothing but Christmas music.

Around this time each year a multitude of 24-hour Christmas channels pop up on the radio and Holiday music becomes inescapable, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. For some, the constant barrage is welcome, while others find it maddening. I've tried to do my part here by creating 16 Christmas music playlists separated by genre. Each 15 song playlist will fit on a CD and can help you filter out the stuff you're simply not interested in. So whether you're a fan of the classics, blues, rock, indie, hip-hop, punk, metal, reggae, country, bluegrass or soul, it's all right here at your fingertips. Combine genres and explore full albums to create your ultimate Christmas mix tape.

I'll publish 4 Christmas playlists each day over the next 4 days, starting today with Volume 1.

The Acoustic Instrumental Christmas Playlist
If you're looking for low-key, sophistcated background music to provide a Christmas atmosphere in your home, then this is the playlist for you. It features 15 Grade A instrumental tracks by the likes of John Fahey, Vince Guaraldi, David Grisman, Steve Glotzer, Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges, Charles Hammer and others.
The Alternative Rock Christmas Playlist
This playlist contains 15 of the very best Christmas recordings given to us by some of the most memorable alternative rock bands of the last three decades. Includes Smashing Pumpkins, U2, The Alarm, No Doubt, The Waitresses, Barenaked Ladies, Cracker, Fountains of Wayne, Blink 182, Eve 6, Aimee Mann and more.
The Bluegrass Christmas Playlist
If you'll be spending Christmas in the mountains this Holiday season, especially in a log cabin, this is the perfect playlist to set the mood for your environment. It includes The Del McCoury Band, Emmylou Harris, The Osborne Brothers, The Groovegrass Boyz,  Lynn Morris, Jeannie Kendall, James King Band, Rhonda Vincent and more
The Blues Christmas Playlist
If you're having a blue Christmas and need tunage to go with the mood, then look no further than this hour-long playlist composed of the best blues Christmas songs available on Yahoo Music Unlimited. It includes tracks by B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Guitar Slim, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Gatemouth Moore, Blind Blake, Charley Jordan, Big Dave McLean and more.

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