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Christmas Playlist Spectacular: Volume 4

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Today we offer up the last four playlists in our Christmas spectacular series. Hopefully, you'll find something here if nothing has appealled to you thus far.  

The four holiday playlists featued in this edition include the novelty Christmas playlist, the reggae Christmas playlist, the soul Christmas playlist and the southern rock Christmas playlist.


The Novelty Christmas Playlist
 So you laughed the first time you heard "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer", but now 25+ years later it cotributes to the teeth-grinding you've been doing in your sleep. Such is the impact of the Christmas novelty song. This playlist includes the previously mentioned track by Elmo and Patsy, as well tunes by Singing Dogs, Weird Al Yankovic, El Vez, William Hung, Pull My Finger, Bob & Doug McKenzie, Bob Rivers and others.

The Reggae Christmas Playlist
There are a lot more reggae Christmas songs around than one would think. This playlist is mostly made up of songs from reggae Christmas compilation albums and is  perfect for those of you lucky enough to live on a tropical island. Includes Bob Marley, Yellowman, Jacob Miller, Freddie McGregor, Silvertones and more.

The Soul Christmas Playlist
If you want your Christmas music delivered with feeling, this is your playlist. It contains the soulful stylings of some of the biggest names in R&B and Soul. Includes Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Smokey Robinson, Aaron Neville, The O'Jays, Luther Vandross, The Supremes and more.

The Southern Rock Christmas Playlist
Last but not least, I give you 15 southern rock Christmas songs. I was only able to find four southern rock Christmas albums on Yahoo Music Unlimited, but between the 4, they get the job done. Includes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, .38 Special and The Charlie Daniels Band.

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