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Classic Alternative Deep Cuts

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I went through puberty and young adulthood with alternative rock music. Back in the early 80's college radio and MTV (believe it or not) helped spawn a new wave of music that was outside the mainstream. It was generally referred to as "alternative" music and eventually became massively popular when bands like U2, R.E.M. and Depeche Mode went on to become huge international acts. Today, "indie" music has taken up the label that alternative used to own. Although many would now argue that indie music has also become mainstream in many respects.

Anyway, all labels aside, I refer to this early alternative music as "Classic Alternative" and it forms the first filter for this playlist.

The tracks selected are from the good old days when "alternative rock" was a new phrase, but these are deep tracks -- meaning songs that were not popular "hits". Do you remember when Bono had a mullet? Michael Stipe had hair? MTV played music videos? Well, now's your chance to go back to those days without relying on the same old overplayed songs.

Classic Alternative Deep Cuts Playlist

1. An Cat Dubh - U2

2. West Of The Fields - R.E.M. 

3. Roller Skating - INXS

4. Pride - Echo & The Bunnymen 

5. Fire In Cairo - The Cure

6. Paper - Talking Heads

7. Start Of The Breakdown - Tears For Fears

8. Sad Affair - Simple Minds 

9. Ultraviolence - New Order

10. 6060-842 - The B-52's

11. Running - The Fixx

12. Liars A To E - Dexy's Midnight Runners 

13. Dead On Arrival - Billy Idol

14. Porroh Man - Big Country

15. Airwaves - Thomas Dolby

16. Kung Fu Girls - Blondie 

17. Cold War - Devo

18. Mirage - Siouxsie & The Banshees

19. Hang On Now - Kajagoogoo

20. In The Dark - Romeo Void 

21. Winter Kills - Yaz 

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