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Classic Punk Rock: The Covers

This playlist features 16 classic punk rock bands covering the music of others, and in many cases the covers are not-so-punk songs. (If you don't know what defines "classic punk", here's a hint: no Grammys or top 40 hits, pre-1990).

I went through a serious punk phase in high school and it seems many young people still do today. I caught the fever in the early 1980s and was hooked hardcore for a few years. At that time bands like The Sex Pistols and The Ramones had spawned a true underground explosion of punk rock in America with bands like Black Flag, Government Issue, The Dead Kennedys, The Germs and Agent Orange spreading like a venereal disease through the back alleys and high school hallways of America. This playlist contains all of these bands and more.

It's interesting to hear a collection of covers by the punk bands of the era. Many of them are surprisingly competent while others are complete disasters that capture the essence of what punk rock was before bands like Green Day and The Offspring ruined everything.

Classic Punk Rock: The Covers Playlist

1. California Sun - The Ramones

2. I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Sex Pistols

3. Louie Louie - Black Flag

4. Back In The USSR - The Dead Kennedys

5. Sugar Sugar - The Germs

6. Great Balls Of Fire - The Misfits

7. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Live) - Government Issue 

8. Secret Agent Man - Agent Orange 

9. Stepping Stone - Johnny Thunders

10. Won't Get Fooled Again - D.O.A.

11. Gimme Some Truth - Generation X

12. Eve Of Destruction - The Dickies 

13. My Way - Sid Vicious

14. Search & Destroy - The Dead Boys

15. Day Tripper/She's A Rainbow - Bad Brains

16. Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Vibrators 

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