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A Classic Rock Twofer Tuesday Playlist

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I still love older rock music, and when I turn on my local classic rock radio station I can name every song before the first measure is finished. This is partly because I love music, but also because classic rock radio pretty much sticks to the same playlist. We have a running joke around here that you can't drive anywhere with the classic rock station on without hearing a Bad Company song. It's just something you can count on, like a sunrise, or taxes.

My 7-year old has a real affinity for classic rock and he's started playing guitar because of it. That's a good thing, so I'll let him listen.

As a parent, it's becoming clear that I must teach my kids a lot about rock music, they must learn the bands, the sub-genres and the great albums that no household should be without. It's helping me rediscover music I haven't listened to in years, and I tip my hat to classic rock radio for helping with my kids rock education.

Tuesday's are the best, since most classic rock stations have a "Twofer Tuesday" program. This is where they play two songs by the same band back to back. This is a great way to let my kids discover older music and get a feel for what a band sounds like without investing the time required for a whole album.

On the way to soccer practice they can get a taste of Thin Lizzy and on the way back they can digest some Allman Brothers Band.

It's all good, and it's inspired me to create my own Twofer Tuesday classic rock playlist.

This list includes 250 classic rock radio staples by 125 different bands. Enjoy, and rock on!

A Classic Rock Twofer Tuesday Playlist

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