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Coffee Songs

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This playlist was inspired by my serious coffee addiction. I drink it everyday, sometimes to the tune of 6 cups between the time I wake up and dinner. I love everything about this magic libation -- the color, the smell, the taste, the caffeine, and the culture. And I'm not the only one under the power of this seductive beverage. In fact, in North America and Europe people drink one third as much coffee as they do tap water! And the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations predicts that by 2010 the world will produce 7 million metric tons of coffee each year.

Coffee has been an acceptable and "lightweight" drug in many cultures from as early as the 9th century. In our daily work coffee helps us wake up, focuses our minds, and keeps us productive. This is why business has no issue with providing free coffee to their employees. And if you happen to be a musician, coffee can help you stay up just a few more hours to finish that song you've been working on.

This playlist contains the very best tracks I could dig up that have been inspired by, or written about my favorite drink.

So brew up a pot and enjoy it with the music! But beware, this is an eclectic list for true musicados. It goes from Frank Sinatra to Black Flag in 4 songs flat.


The Playlist:

1. The Coffee Song (They've Got An Awful Lot Of Coffee In Brazil) - Frank Sinatra

2. Black Coffee In Bed - Squeeze

3. One More Cup Of Coffee - Bob Dylan

4. Black Coffee - Black Flag

5. One Cup Of Coffee - Bob Marley

6. Coffee Blues - Mississippi John Hurt

7. How Bad's The Coffee - John Hiatt

8. Cappuccino Bar - Jonathan Richman

9. Black Coffee - Dave Potts

10. Cigarettes And Coffee - Otis Redding

11. Coffee Homeground - Kate Bush

12. Black Coffee - Sarah Vaughan

13. The Coffee Song - Cream

14. One More Cup Of Coffee - The White Stripes

15. Is It The Coffee? - Steve Denyes

16. Black Coffee - Humble Pie

17. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues - Stereo - Lefty Frizzell

18. Coffee Club (Remix) - Spandau Ballet

19. Hot Coffee - Lorraine Feather

20. Strong Black Coffee - Diamonds And Rust

21. Your Favorite Coffee Shop - Orange Cake Mix

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