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Current Top 10 Most Downloaded Songs

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One of Billboard's many charts is the digital song chart, which tracks the most downloaded tracks on the Internet. This week's digital song chart is proof of how much popular music has changed. It used to be that jukebox spins were monitored by the chart makers and parents were completely freaked out by artists like Elvis Presley who dared swing his hips on stage. Today, digital downloads are a better view of what's hot. And the current top 10 includes a song about homosexuality, a song about sadomasochism, two songs that contain the "F" word in the song title and another that includes it in the lyrics. Yes indeed, we certainly have come a long way since the 1950s. I'm just wondering what will be on top when my kids have kids.

Current Top 10 Most Downloaded Songs 

1. Born This Way - Lady Gaga

2. F**k You (Forget You) - Cee-Lo Green

3. I Need A Doctor Featuring Eminem, Skylar Grey - Dr. Dre

4. Never Say Never featuring Jaden Smith - Justin Bieber

5. Grenade - Bruno Mars

6. S&M - Rihanna

7. Firework - Katy Perry

8. F**kin' Perfect - P!nk

9. Black And Yellow - Wiz Khalifa

10. What The Hell - Avril Lavigne

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