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David Gilmour Side Projects

I haven't met many people in my life who dislike Pink Floyd. If the Beatles take gold, and the Rolling Stones silver, Pink Floyd takes bronze in the Classic Rock Olympics -- hands down. There have been many arguments, spanning decades, on which member of Pink Floyd had the most talent - Barrett, Waters, or Gilmour? It's not an argument I choose to visit as music is not a competition, and without the three of them we would not have the wonderful discography they left behind. All three have also recorded solo albums, but for this playlist I've focused on songs that feature the talent of David Gilmour as a sideman outside his solo records and work with Pink Floyd. You'll know his guitar playing when you hear it-- it's as distinctive as a fingerprint.

David Gilmour Side Projects   

1. Love And Anger - Kate Bush

2. Rockestra Theme - Wings

3. The Party - The Dream Academy

4. Boys And Girls - Bryan Ferry

5. John Wayne - John Martyn

6. The Promise - Arcadia

7. Brother Where You Bound - Supertramp

8. Pink And Velvet - Berlin

9. Octopus - Syd Barrett

10. Winnie And Sam - Peggy Seeger

11. You And Me Baby - Kirsty MacColl

12. Understanding Women - Elton John

13. Standing Around Crying - Paul Rodgers

14. No Values/No More Lonely Nights - Paul McCartney

15. You Never Listen To Me - Peter Cetera

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