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Depeche Mode

My earliest musical memories come from way back in grade school, when even a fifth grader could feel the palpable tension between the disco and rock & roll crowds. I think it may have been the Rolling Stones Some Girls album that cemented my young identity soundly with rock & roll. And when the 80's came I was not keen on all the synthetic music, but Depeche Mode changed that for me. I had already been falling for alternative rock bands who used "real" instruments like R.E.M, U2, The Cure and The Smiths, so when I heard Depeche Mode for the first time, it just fit. I realized that it doesn't matter what implements a band makes their sounds with, but that it sounds good.

And Depeche Mode didn't just sound good, they sounded great.

Depeche Mode really opened my mind and taught me that you could like different genres of music. You didn't have to pick between rock, or jazz, or disco, or electronic music. You could enjoy it all. My hunch is that Depeche Mode had the same impact on a lot more people than just I. In fact, if I had to guess, I would put the number in the millions. Their songs are just that good. So good, that it's not hard to find remakes of Depeche Mode songs around every corner.

This playlist includes 10 Depeche Mode covers that I find worthy. What would you add?

Depeche Mode Covers

1. Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash

2. Blasphemous Rumors - Evelins Bebo Best

3. Enjoy The Silence - Tori Amos

4. People Are People - Dope

5. World In My Eyes - The Cure

6. Policy of Truth - Strub

7. Master and Servant - Nouvelle Vague

8. Everything Counts - The Left

9. Sweetest Perfection - Color Theory

10. Strangelove - Tangwork

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