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So far, during our space-themed playlist extravaganza, we've published song lists about Black Holes, The Big Bang, and Asteroids. For this latest entry, I thought I would focus on one of the most important minds in the history of physics -- Albert Einstein. Our understanding of the universe would be nowhere near where it is today without the work of Einstein, who developed the theories of the photoelectric effect, general relativity and special relativity.

While most people cannot understand the depths of Einstein's work, they do understand E=mc², and that the word "Einstein" is synonymous with "genius".  German by birth, Einstein immigrated to America after the Nazis came to power. As you know, the Nazis had a hatred for Jews and intellectuals, so Einstein had no choice but to leave, considering he was both Jewish and an intellectual. His work would offer more proof of just how wrong Nazism was.

For this playlist I've selected 10 songs that mention Einstein by name in the song title.

Let me know what I've missed.

Einstein Songs

1. Einstein On The Beach (For An Eggman) - Counting Crows

2. Einstein's Day - Mission of Burma

3. Einstein - Kelly Clarkson

4. Albert Einstein Meets The Human Beatbox - Big Audio Dynamite

5. Jimmy's Einstein Poster - Guided By Voices

6. Albert Einstein - SOL

7. Einstein Never Wore Socks - The Fugs

8. Einstein Tech M9me - Tech N9ne

9. Einstein My Ass - Suprfreak

10. After Einstein - Diskonnekted

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